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atmos workflow


Use this command to perform sequential execution of atmos and shell commands defined as workflow steps.

atmos workflow --help

An Atmos workflow is a series of steps that are run in order to achieve some outcome. Every workflow has a name and is easily executed from the command line by calling atmos workflow. Use workflows to orchestrate any number of commands. Workflows can call any atmos subcommand (including Atmos Custom Commands), shell commands, and have access to the stack configurations.


Execute the atmos workflow command like this:

atmos workflow <workflow_name> --file <workflow_file> [options]


Workflow UI

Just run atmos workflow to start an interactive UI to view, search and execute the configured Atmos workflows:

atmos workflow
  • Use the right/left arrow keys to navigate between the "Workflow Manifests", "Workflows" and the selected workflow views

  • Use the up/down arrow keys (or the mouse wheel) to select a workflow manifest and a workflow to execute

  • Use the / key to filter/search for the workflow manifests and workflows in the corresponding views

  • Press Enter to execute the selected workflow from the selected workflow manifest starting with the selected step

atmos workflow (interactive)

atmos workflow CLI command 4

Execute a Workflow

atmos workflow (interactive)

atmos workflow CLI command 2

Run Any Workflow Step

Use the Tab key to flip the 3rd column view between the selected workflow steps and full workflow definition. For example:

atmos workflow (interactive)

atmos workflow CLI command 3


atmos workflow
atmos workflow plan-all-vpc --file networking
atmos workflow apply-all-components -f networking --dry-run
atmos workflow test-1 -f workflow1 --from-step step2


Run atmos workflow --help to see all the available options


workflow_name Workflow nameyes


--fileFile name where the workflow is defined-fyes
--stackAtmos stack
(if provided, will override stacks defined in the workflow or workflow steps)
--from-stepStart the workflow from the named stepno
--dry-runDry run. Print information about the executed workflow steps without executing themno