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Atmos Use-Cases

Atmos has consistently demonstrated its effectiveness in addressing these key use-cases, showcasing its adaptability and strength in the cloud infrastructure and DevOps domains:

  • Managing Large Multi-Account Cloud Environments.
    Suitable for organizations using multiple cloud accounts to separate different projects or stages of development.
  • Cross-Platform Cloud Architectures.
    Ideal for businesses that need to manage the configuration of services across AWS, GCP, Azure, etc., to build a cohesive system.
  • Multi-Tenant Systems for SaaS.
    Perfect for SaaS companies looking to host multiple customers within a unified infrastructure. Simply define a baseline tenant configuration once, and then seamlessly onboard new tenants by reusing this baseline through pure configuration, bypassing the need for further code development.
  • Efficient Multi-Region Deployments.
    Atmos facilitates streamlined multi-region deployments by enabling businesses to define baseline configurations with stacks and extend them across regions with DRY principles through imports and inheritance.
  • Compliant Infrastructure for Regulated Industries.
    Atmos empowers DevOps and SecOps teams to create vetted configurations that comply with SOC2, HIPAA, HITRUST, PCI, and other regulatory standards. These configurations can then be efficiently shared and reused across the organization via service catalogs, component libraries, vendoring, and OPA policies, simplifying the process of achieving and maintaining rigorous compliance.
  • Empowering Teams with Self-Service Infrastructure.
    Allows teams to manage their infrastructure needs independently, using predefined templates and policies.
  • Streamlining Deployment with Service Catalogs, Landing Zones, and Blueprints: Provides businesses the ability to craft their own ready-to-use templates and guidelines for setting up cloud environments quickly and consistently, tailored to the unique needs of the organization.

Don't see your use-case listed? Ask us in the #atmos Slack channel, or join us for "Office Hours" every week.