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Architecting and provisioning enterprise-grade infrastructure is challenging, and making all the components and configurations reusable and DRY is even more difficult.

These Atmos Design Patterns can help with structuring and organizing your design to provision multi-account enterprise-grade environments for complex organizations.

We've already identified and documented many Atmos Design Patterns. You may be wondering, "Where do I begin and what steps should I follow?"

Here are some recommendations.

Quick Start Repository Introduction

This Quick Start repository presents an example of an infrastructure managed by Atmos. You can clone it and configure to your own needs. The repository should be a good start to get yourself familiar with Atmos and the Design Patterns. The Quick Start Guide describes the steps required to configure and start using the repository.

The Atmos Quick Start repository, that is described in the Quick Start guide, uses the following Atmos Design Patterns:

Development and Exploration with Atmos

If you are just developing or kicking the tires on Atmos, you can use any of the Design Patterns described in this guide, and find out which ones are best suited to your requirements. The easiest ones to get started with will be:

Advanced Infrastructure Architecture

If you are architecting the infrastructure to provision multi-account multi-region environments at scale, we suggest you start with the following Design Patterns: