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Install Atmos

There are many ways to install Atmos.

NOTE: The latest version of Atmos might not be available with third party package managers.

To check what version of Atmos you have installed, just run atmos version.

To find the latest available version of Atmos, visit the Releases Page. The latest version will always be available for download here.

Download Binaries from Releases Page

  • Go to Releases Page

  • Download the binary for your operating system and architecture. Replace ${version} with the desired version

    • e.g. If you’re on a Mac (M1), download the atmos_${version}_darwin_arm64 binary
    • e.g. If you’re on Windows, download atmos_${version}_windows_amd64.exe, etc.
  • Rename the downloaded file to atmos (optional)

  • Add the execution bit to the binary (e.g. on Linux and Mac, run chmod u+x atmos)

  • Place the binary somewhere on your PATH (e.g. on Linux and Mac: mv atmos /usr/local/bin/)


From Homebrew, install directly by running:

brew install atmos


Atmos has native packages for every major Linux distribution.

Debian Linux (DEB)

On Debian, use the Cloud Posse package repository:

# Add the Cloud Posse package repository hosted by Cloudsmith
apt-get update && apt-get install -y apt-utils curl
curl -1sLf ''bash

# Install atmos
apt-get install atmos@="${ATMOS_VERSION}-*"

RedHat/Centos (RPM)

curl -1sLf ''sudo -E bash

# Install atmos
sudo yum install atmos-${ATMOS_VERSION}.x86_64

Alpine Linux (APK)

On Alpine, use the Cloud Posse package repository:

# Install the Cloud Posse package repository hosted by Cloudsmith
curl -sSL ''bash

# Install atmos
apk add atmos@cloudposse~=${ATMOS_VERSION}

Install with Go

Install the latest version

go install

Get a specific version

go install


Since the version is passed in via -ldflags during build, when running go install without using -ldflags, the CLI will return 0.0.1 when running atmos version.

Build from Source

make build

or run this and replace $version with the version that should be returned with atmos version.

go build -o build/atmos -v -ldflags "-X '$version'"