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Helmfile Integration

Atmos natively supports opinionated workflows for Helmfile.

Helmfile provides a declarative specification for deploying helm charts.

For a complete list of supported commands, please see the Atmos helmfile documentation.

Example: Provision Helmfile Component

To provision a helmfile component using the atmos CLI, run the following commands in the container shell:

atmos helmfile diff nginx-ingress --stack=ue2-dev
atmos helmfile apply nginx-ingress --stack=ue2-dev


  • nginx-ingress is the helmfile component to provision (from the components/helmfile folder)
  • --stack=ue2-dev is the stack to provision the component into

Short versions of the command-line arguments can be used:

atmos helmfile diff nginx-ingress -s ue2-dev
atmos helmfile apply nginx-ingress -s ue2-dev

Example: Helmfile Diff

To execute diff and apply in one step, use helmfile deploy command:

atmos helmfile deploy nginx-ingress -s ue2-dev