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Describe Stacks

Describing stacks is helpful to understand what the final, fully computed and deep-merged configuration of a stack will look like. Use this to slice and dice the Stack configuration to show different information about stacks and component.

For example, if we wanted to understand what the final configuration looks like for the "production" stack, we could do that by calling the atmos describe stacks command to view the YAML output.

The output can be written to a file by passing the --file command-line flag to atmos or even formatted as YAML or JSON by using --format command-line flag.

Since the output of a Stack might be overwhelming and we're only interested in some particular section of the configuration, the output can be filtered using flags to narrow the output by stack, component-types, components, and sections. The component sections can be further filtered by backend, backend_type, deps, env, inheritance, metadata, remote_state_backend, remote_state_backend_type, settings, vars.


If the filtering options built-in to Atmos are not sufficient, redirect the output to jq for very powerful filtering options.